About Me

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Sarah and writing is what God has made my heart want to do.

So I made a blog.

As you do.

Who are we?

I’m married to my lovely husband, Tim, and we have been married since February 2008. We met and dated, got engaged and married, all within ten months! When you know, you know… We can be chalk and cheese, but that is perfect for us. God uses our differences to grow, to appreciate each other, and to learn over and over again that blessed word: grace.

We have two children: Josiah {3.5} and Rosalie {2}. We would have more children but, because of this broken world we live in, my body doesn’t handle pregnancies very well. In the future, our hearts are open to what God has in store for us in growing our family. In the present, we’re using wisdom and prayer to keep our family at four. We are blessed abundantly. 

We are lovers of the Lord, lovers of His Word, and are quite old-school on many levels. We belong to an evangelical Anglican parish and we hope to spread the gospel of Jesus in the spheres He has place us in. Tim is in the commercial building industry while I am a full-time homemaker. We live in a poor neighbourhood and we love it. God has placed us here for a reason. One of those reasons are the children from difficult homes that come to our house just to say ‘hi’.

We never know where we are going and we often have to fight against our own fleshly desires and those that further the Kingdom God is building here. But we trust Him. And our story so far – from our most loving of moments, to our most despairing – has been one of God’s faithfulness, mercy, and kindness.

And This Blog?

This blog is where I share my heart for Jesus, for my family, and for our home. I am passionate about encouraging wives and mothers in their roles because I know from firsthand experience what it’s like when the outside pulls parents away from the home. I am the product of a broken family.

I love encouraging mothers to think about this one life we have and the one opportunity we have to raise these children gifted to us for a short season, for the next generation, and for God’s Kingdom. Christian motherhood is all about leaving a lasting, eternal legacy.


I prayerfully seek to be bold in my words, drenched in truth and honesty, hoping that the message God has laid on my heart might inspire another wife and mother to pursue intentional, biblical marriage and motherhood, for the sake of her family, for the glory of God.

Remember that I am just like you. Everything I have learned has been by trial and error, on my knees in prayer, seeking answers in the Bible. I don’t profess to know it all, or even just a little bit. I am just trying to be faithful to the Lord’s hand on my own life, praying to be an encouragement and challenge to others.

I hope you stick around, read a little, come back again, and engage in conversation. You, through God’s grace, are why I’m here.

A sister-in-Christ,

Sarah x