Life Lately #2

I’m sincerely sorry the blog has been quiet of late. I’m not taking a break or anything, I just haven’t had any words weighing on my heart to share. My rule of thumb on this blog is to only write when I have something good to say – that is, that would encourage, or edify, or challenge a woman in her faith. If I don’t have anything weighing on me, I don’t write. This prevents blog fluff and just adding to the general noise of the internet. I want my blog to be a sincere, welcoming place with writing that is meaningful and thoughtful. I never want to write because I haven’t got a post up or that I “need” to do something to be a good blogger. 
So, instead of spending time on my blog when I have a moment, what have I been doing instead?



As I have written about before, I have a bullet journal. Recently, I finished my last one and have needed to set up a new one. So in the evenings while Tim and I have been watching TV {Friday Night Lights/The Walking Dead/Homeland}, I have been getting my new journal set up. I love fresh new pages to doodle on!
I have also re-taken up crochet. I was always a quilter, but since having kids, I have struggled to get back into it as it takes quite a lot of brain power and energy. Basic crochet is so good because it isn’t like that at all. Once I mastered several of the basic stitches, I’ve been able to do lots of things. But my favourite thing to make {just like in quilting} is blankets. I just love blankets.


Tim hurt his back several weeks ago at work and he was off work for two weeks. As disastrous as it seemed at the time, it has been a great mercy. Both of us were totally burned out and God just knew exactly what we needed. We have both had lots of rest and space and time of recuperation. We’ve restarted routines and have hopes for new habits. I am so thankful. I feel like a new wife and, especially, a new mother. Exhaustion just takes so much out of you and I found I had begun to doubt all that I had been certain God wants for us for a family. Turns out I was just tired and needed lots of rest. I have learnt a big lesson!

Interviewed on Identity & Motherhood

Last Sunday, I was interviewed at church. It was an honour to be asked, though in all honesty, my initial reaction was to say no. I avoid “up the front” things at all costs unless I feel comfortable {like in our bible study group}. I worried about the interview all last week and even lost sleep. I asked lots of people to pray. I wasn’t just nervous about being in front of two hundred or so people, I also wanted to say God-glorifying things. It is such a responsibility up the front as people’s hearts are open to be taught or encouraged.
But God answered my prayer and the feedback I have had has been very positive. The sermon that Sunday was on identity, so several people in the church were interviewed about the stages of life they were in and how that affected their identity. I represented the young mum. I’ve been surprised by who has come up to me with encouraging words {of having been encouraged}: men, older women, younger people. I’m grateful for the positive feedback, but I am more grateful to God because I know it was His words coming from my mouth.

Family Life

With Tim being home pretty crippled, life at home changed into holiday mode. We were all very thankful to have lots of Tim time. There was lots of playing, trips when able, house work and general day-to-day life. Our two little ones are quickly growing up and it’s hard to catch up. I am just so thankful that we intend to homeschool. It means I know I have years ahead of one-on-one time, If they were going to school at five, my heart would be tearing in two with the ridiculous speed Josiah is heading towards four, then five. 
I am so thankful for homeschooling and the opportunity to have extended time to invest, be present, and know these people God has given into our care. Oh, and we also joined a homeschooling co-op! It’s on a break for two weeks {it’s term break here in NZ}, but it’s just perfect and the kids love it. I love it too because there are mothers there ahead of me who get me and don’t look at me with questions in their eyes about why we’re planning to do what we do. {Not that lots of other mothers are like that, but there have been a few, and I hate feeling like I have to justify our thoughts!}

Less World Wide Web

I’ve also made a conscious decision to be less on the internet. For the most part, it doesn’t do me a lot of good. Most is just gossip or fluff. I have a few blogs that I just love – that edify and speak to the passion I have in my heart about life – and I regularly read them. I have some instagram accounts I like. There is some Pinterest. And a little news. Other than that, I’m working to choose to read instead of browse. Using my time wisely for the days are evil, and all that {Ephesians 5:16}.
So that’s it! That’s been our life lately. 
How about you? What has been happening? What have you been thinking about? Doing differently? Praying for?
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2 thoughts on “Life Lately #2

  1. Since reading your blog I have come to know that those periods of silence are you just doing life. I totally understand so please don't apologize. I love that you only write when you feel God moving you. I haven't really felt like blogging much lately but have had some posts I committed to so have tried to get those out on time, but I honestly would much rather write when I feel led to. But that might be never sometimes if I didn't have a deadline;) I know that I will gain back some motivation after the baby. Right now the baby is sucking all the life and brain out of me;) which I am more then happy to oblige:) So sorry your husband injured himself, but I understand how it was a blessing too! ON the days my husband has taken sick days it has been so refreshing and restful! I love crocheting. I need to pick it up again but it's just too hot! So glad that you were able to be used by God in your church what a blessing! But I know I would be nervous also sharing in front of everyone. But sometimes we need to be pushed out of our comfort zones! Enjoy your sweet family!


  2. Rebekah, you are just so lovely. Truly, I'm so thankful you're one of my readers, you're so encouraging. I'm loving your baby bump updates, can't wait to see your baby girl. Pregnancies are hard but so exciting!


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